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Get to know the Erasmus + projects

The Erasmus + program allows our students and teachers to study or do internship abroad, through fellowships and courses in the European Union.

Living an experience abroad will help you to have your first work experience, to improve the language, to know your sector internationally, to work in a multicultural environment, to learn other points of view, to improve your curriculum and to grow personally.

The Official Erasmus Charter


Erasmus + is a program full of advantages, to work or to study abroad is an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity.
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The Fundación Diocesana de Enseñanza Santos Mártires de Córdoba offers a wide course catalog to students interested in making the exchange in our institution. Enter to know the details and credits of each one.


The Fundación Diocesana de Enseñanza Santos Mártires de Córdoba, through its language department, will help and motivate the participants to include them in the daily life of the Center of destination and the realization of their internships.


Here you can find all the necessary documentation for the Program: Erasmus Policy, courses and certificates.


Learn about the requirements of the program, destination centers, required language level, dates and all the details necessary to start your Erasmus+.


Do you have any doubt? Do you want to clarify something? Contact us and we will provide you with all the information.